Gebr. Kooy also has a vast product range of frozen fish. This is fish that has been caught in the North Sea and has been purchased by Gebr. Kooy itself. The fish is immediately processed and frozen when it is fresh. The most processed types of fish are plaice and sole. These can also be supplied filleted or dressed. JAKO is the tradingmark under which most of this type of fish is brought to the market. For the freezing of the fish we work together with partners that comply with the highest quality standards. Feel free to contact us about our product range.

Freezing of plaice fillets.
Frozen sole.
Modern belt freezer.
Breading the plaice fillets.
Frozen sole fillets.
Own stock management.

High quality standards

The production process of Gebr. Kooy complies with high quality standards that apply to the food industry.

Our certificate